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Pig : To dream of a pig symbolizes greed, selfishness, uncleanliness, and lack of faith

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Turtle Donkey : To dream of turtle donkey symbolizes one feeling obnoxiously slow with being overburdened from situations or relationships
Beefalo : To dream of beefalo symbolizes one's instinctual energy to survive and adjust to life's tough challenges
My Precious : To dream of "my precious" symbolizes one's addiction to regaining what was lost. One is willing to do anything to regain what was lost.
tio romney : to dream of tio romney means that you are feeling ambitious
Fartucous Bird : To dream of the fartucous bird symbolizes emotional outbursts not taking responsibility for one's own actions.

New Defintions

Zoological Garden : To dream of visiting zoological gardens, denotes that you will have a varied fortune. Sometimes it seems that enemies will overpower you and again you stand in the front rank of success. You will also gain knowledge by travel and read more...
Zodiac : To dream of the zodiac is a prognostication of unparalleled rise in material worth, but also indicates alloyed peace and happiness. To see it appearing weird, denotes that some untoward grief is hovering over you and it will take strenuous read more...
Zinc : To work with or to see zinc in your dreams, indicates substantial and energetic progress. Business will assume a brisk tone in its varying departments. To dream of zinc ore promises the approach of eventful success. Source: Dream Dictionary (10,000 read more...
Zephyr : To dream of soft zephyrs, denotes that you will sacrifice fortune to obtain the object of your affection and will find reciprocal affection in your wooing. If a young woman dreams that she is saddened by the whisperings of the read more...
Zenith : To dream of the zenith, foretells elaborate prosperity, and your choice of suitors will be successful. Source: Dream Dictionary (10,000 Dreams Interpreted - by Gustavus Hindman Miller)