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Punching : To dream of punching someone or something symbolizes aggression and uncontrolled anger.

Top Rated Defintions

Wine Cellar : To dream of a wine cellar symbolizes future enjoyments that will come to fruition. You may be holding onto investments waiting for them to pay off. However, if you wait to long your investment may go sour.
Fartucous Bird : To dream of the fartucous bird symbolizes emotional outbursts not taking responsibility for one's own actions.
Lord Baelish : To dream of Lord Baelish means you either want to be a pimp who owns a brothel or need a pimp
Beefalo : To dream of beefalo symbolizes one's instinctual energy to survive and adjust to life's tough challenges
Turtle Donkey : To dream of turtle donkey symbolizes one feeling obnoxiously slow with being overburdened from situations or relationships
Black : Black symbolizes a starting point with unknown possibilities
My Precious : To dream of "my precious" symbolizes one's addiction to regaining what was lost. One is willing to do anything to regain what was lost.
Pile of Wood : To dream of a pile of wood symbolizes miss-communication between you and a someone close
Vampire Bat : To dream of a vampire bat symbolizes a relationship is draining you
tio romney : to dream of tio romney means that you are feeling ambitious

New Defintions

Garden : To dream of a garden symbolizes what you are doing with your yet to manifest possibilities. This may be symbolic with whether you are cultivating your talents or whether you are letting them go to waste.
Lawn : To dream of a lawn symbolizes your perception of something as either positive or negative. A trim and well maintained lawn represents positive attitudes while an unkept lawn reflects a negative attitude.
Yard : To dream of seeing a yard could symbolize how you organize things in your waking life. For example: if the yard was nice and tidy then this would symbolize that you are good at organizing things outside of the workplace.
Photocopier : To dream of a photocopier would symbolize that you are following(copying) along with other's ideas or it may be that you are wanting to contribute and/or share your ideas with another.
Nose Bleeding : To me dreaming of your nose bleeding may symbolize feeling under attack in waking life, or feeling mentally and physically exhausted. You may be experiencing feelings of being judged harshly or insulted by others.
Cuddle : To dream of cuddling suggests that you are looking emotional or physical contact and connection. Cuddling may also symbolize the need to be in direct contact with a part of yourself which is symbolized by the person you are cuddling.
Adultery : Dreams about adultery may symbolize having mixed feelings about your relationship. You may be finding that you have a desire that is currently not being met in your real life and may need to find out how to reestablish harmony read more...
Climbing a scary ladder : To dream of climbing a scary ladder may signify that you are working towards goals in your life while experiencing fear. If you find yourself getting stuck at some point while climbing the ladder then you may be feeling overwhelmed read more...
Urinating : To dream of urinating probably means that you need to wake up and got to the bathroom. On the other hand, urinating in your dream may mean that you finding it easy to let go emotionally.
Fire : To dream of a fire means that you are experiencing a hot flash.