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Black Panther : To dream of a black panther symbolizes protection, prowess, and guardianship. Be careful with certain people or situations as they may appear safe when they are not so.

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Wine Cellar : To dream of a wine cellar symbolizes future enjoyments that will come to fruition. You may be holding onto investments waiting for them to pay off. However, if you wait to long your investment may go sour.
Fartucous Bird : To dream of the fartucous bird symbolizes emotional outbursts not taking responsibility for one's own actions.
Full shopping cart : To dream of a full shopping cart symbolizes one's ability to successfully make decisions and reaping it's benefits. If the shopping cart is full and heavy may denote one's over commitment to things in one's life.
Marijuana : To dream of marijuana suggests that one needs to relax and let go a bit by temporarily adjusting one's focus to another situation or thing.
Lord Baelish : To dream of Lord Baelish means you either want to be a pimp who owns a brothel or need a pimp
Beefalo : To dream of beefalo symbolizes one's instinctual energy to survive and adjust to life's tough challenges
Turtle Donkey : To dream of turtle donkey symbolizes one feeling obnoxiously slow with being overburdened from situations or relationships
My Precious : To dream of "my precious" symbolizes one's addiction to regaining what was lost. One is willing to do anything to regain what was lost.
Pile of Wood : To dream of a pile of wood symbolizes miss-communication between you and a someone close
tio romney : to dream of tio romney means that you are feeling ambitious

New Defintions

Jar Overflowing with Honey : To dream of a jar overflowing with honey may symbolize that you are holding onto your emotions and not being completely honest. You may be finding it difficult to communicate to a loved one as you think that holding onto read more...
2 Peacocks : To dream of seeing 2 peacocks may represent certain qualities coming to fruition in a waking relationship or your career. These qualities may include new growth, cooperation, receptivity, balance, longevity, and love. In addition you may be finding that your read more...
Mistaking a yellow jacket for a bee : To dream of seeing a bee later to realize that it is really a yellow jacket has great significance. One may be feeling at peace or harmonious with oneself but in reality one is filled with negative feelings such as read more...
Car low on gas : To dream of seeing your car low on gas symbolizes the need take time to recharge oneself. You may be finding yourself having some difficult handling a situation in your life.
Monkey : To dream of a monkey may symbolize mischief, childish, and curiosity. You may be feeling or experiencing these characteristics as a way to allow yourself to see the lighter side of things.
Holding a decapitated head while brushing hair : To dream of holing a decapitated head and brushing its hair may symbolize who treating kindly a situation or person that you actually have ill will towards. You may have severed the ties with a friend and yet you cling, read more...
Wrestling and Controlling a bear : To dream of wrestling and controlling a bear symbolizes one's desire to control desires and struggles. You may be feeling the desire to control and be one with the powerful forces of ones mind.
Whale : To dream of a whale may be symbolic of wanting to understand your powerful emotions and desires.
Backpack heavy because of books : To dream of a heavy backpack because of books may symbolize the need to let go of items that are weighing you down on your spiritual path. The dream may be hinting that your knowledge found in books are somewhat read more...
Comfortable with Being Naked : To dream that you are comfortable with being naked suggests that you have found a new sense of freedom in how you express yourself. You may be finding it easier to let go of how you think others perceive you. read more...