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Dog : To dream of a dog symbolizes ones internal code of conduct. It refers to ones loyalty, self-restraint, discipline, and moral.

Top Rated Defintions

Wine Cellar : To dream of a wine cellar symbolizes future enjoyments that will come to fruition. You may be holding onto investments waiting for them to pay off. However, if you wait to long your investment may go sour.
Fartucous Bird : To dream of the fartucous bird symbolizes emotional outbursts not taking responsibility for one's own actions.
Lord Baelish : To dream of Lord Baelish means you either want to be a pimp who owns a brothel or need a pimp
Beefalo : To dream of beefalo symbolizes one's instinctual energy to survive and adjust to life's tough challenges
Turtle Donkey : To dream of turtle donkey symbolizes one feeling obnoxiously slow with being overburdened from situations or relationships
Black : Black symbolizes a starting point with unknown possibilities
My Precious : To dream of "my precious" symbolizes one's addiction to regaining what was lost. One is willing to do anything to regain what was lost.
Pile of Wood : To dream of a pile of wood symbolizes miss-communication between you and a someone close
Vampire Bat : To dream of a vampire bat symbolizes a relationship is draining you
tio romney : to dream of tio romney means that you are feeling ambitious

New Defintions

Climbing a scary ladder : To dream of climbing a scary ladder may signify that you are working towards goals in your life while experiencing fear. If you find yourself getting stuck at some point while climbing the ladder then you may be feeling overwhelmed read more...
Urinating : To dream of urinating probably means that you need to wake up and got to the bathroom. On the other hand, urinating in your dream may mean that you finding it easy to let go emotionally.
Fire : To dream of a fire means that you are experiencing a hot flash.
Ocean Waves : To dream of ocean waves may be reflective being tossed around and experiencing confusion. Ocean waves may also be indicative of energies, that have been contained or blocked, being released. It is important to understand that learning to ride the read more...
6 (Six) : To dream of the number 6 is related to service/work, obligations, focusing on details and daily tasks.
Going Up a Ladder : To dream of going up a ladder symbolizes the desire to transcend, get ahead, or achieve new great heights spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. Notice where the ladder is your dream as this will help in understanding what state of mind read more...
2 Doves Fighting : To dream of 2 doves fighting symbolizes your desire for 2 individuals, whom are close to you, to make peace. You may be feeling the urge to get involved but are unsure how to go about it without getting anyone read more...
Diarrhea : To dream of having diarrhea symbolizes emotional cleansing. You may be at a point in your life where you are experiencing tremendous amount of change which may seem unpleasant. Keep in mind that the process of cleansing may require for read more...
Plastic Box : To dream of a plastic box suggests that you are not being genuine, sincere, or honest. You may be feeling the need to conceal your emotions and thoughts from those around you including yourself. Many times we hide from feelings read more...
Car has little power : To dream that your car has little power suggests that you are finding it difficult to maintain motivation in life. You may be feeling that you want to be active, accomplish, or do things but find it difficult. This may read more...